Utilizing the cutting-edge advances of human genomics and the biotechnological frontier, BGI-Forensics(BGI-F) has constructed a reliable platform for forensic applications. BGI-F supplies the scientific, accurate and affordable DNA genotyping services, and standardizes the procedures for applying relevant technologies in the field.

  • One of the first third-party agencies approved by the Chinese Ministry of Justice.
  • The first accredited agency by CNAS.
  • Approved  as an accredited agency by national level.
  • Most recommended lab by customers.
  • No mistakes for over 100,000 cases.
  • The only lab yields results within hours.


  • Human DNA Identification
  • Animals DNA Testing
  • Plants DNA Testing
  • Forensic science

DNA Services

  • DNA Forensic Service
  • DNA Family Service  
  • DNA Prenatal Service
  • DNA Immigration Service 
  • DNA Personal Service

Our National Presence

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